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"I'm in school right now and I swear these are the best things invented. LOl my biggest hesitation cutting is that I'm going to hurt myself. I can't wait to get it so I'll be more comfortable and confident." Lauren A. Texas

"Hi I am very happy with the Cosmo Finger Guard I ordered from you and I want to order another one. This finger guard has saved me so many times. I feel more confident cutting hair when I am wearing the Cosmo Finger Guard. Thank you so much for a wonderful product." Sylvia M. Stylist, Ontario Canada

"Hi, Thanks for all your help, and my daughter is very grateful with the idea she will never cut her finger so badly again! She is currently needing surgery to repair her hand. She has been in the business for 4 years now. Once again thanks." Sean G. United Kingdom

"Thank You. I'm all healed thankfully. Missed 10 days of work from this injury.Since I've been back and using the Cosmo Finger Guard I haven't cut myself even once. Thanks so much for your creation I will never cut hair again without it!" Desiree M.Stylist, Indiana

"Fast Delivery. Used the glove yesterday and loved it! Very ingenious and fits well. Not awkward at all. Thank you!" Debora 27 Year Stylist, Indiana

"I've been a stylist for 22 years and can't tell you how many times I've cut myself. Too many times, twice in the last month. Well not anymore I've been using the Cosmo glove for 2 weeks and it works great. Every stylist new or seasoned need to own this product. I love it! No more band-aids that won't stay on when shampooing and better yet no more stitches... great product." Patty Welter-Stylist, Iowa

"I have been in the Industry for 24 years and I still cut myself 2-4 times a month. I have been to the emergency room twice for stitches. I have not cut my fingers wearing the finger guard. It saves time and money away from work and the embarrassment of band-aids in front of clients. I love it and recommend it to all." Hally Norton-Stylist, Iowa

"I love this product, if I felt the material as I was cutting- it was easy to let up and the glove was actually really easy for me to get use to!!! Thank-you,I will be spreading the word asap." Pam Sartin- 31 Year Stylist, Illinois