About Cosmo Finger Guard 

A variety of Patented Cut Resistant Specialty Gloves. Designed for HairStylists, Barbers, NailTechs, Home Kitchen, Culinary, Chefs and Restaurant use.

Wear the Glove and Breathe Easy

If you have been hurt or injured by cutting your fingers with scissors or a knife at work or home or are you an employer who has paid out numerous Workers Compensation Fees due to employee emergency or hospital visits then try the Cosmo Finger Guard. The first 2 finger half palm and 3 finger full palm cut resistant Safety Gloves. The Cosmo Finger Guard is an innovative product that reduces the risk of getting cut.

Cosmo Finger Guard is a lightweight cut resistant glove (not impervious to all cuts) designed with the comfort and safety in mind. The safety glove is ambidextrous and covers the index and middle finger as well as the base of the fingers and knuckles leaving the rest of the fingers free for movement.  It does not interfere with the free natural movement of the hand or fingers and will not stick. It is to be worn while handling shears or a knife.

Everyday an accident happens at salons and the glove will reduce the breaking of the skin when scissors connect directly with the fingers..

  • Easy to use!
  • Provides cut resistance.
  • Comfortable.
  • Pliable and Flexible.
  • Suitable for men or women.
  • Various sizes. 
  • Washable
  • Full Finger and Finger Tip Less
  • You can wear latex and rubber gloves over it for chemical use
  • OSHA Hand Protection 1910.138(a) & 1910.139(b).

The Cosmo Finger Guard can be purchased starting at ONLY $24.95 for one or $44.95 for a set of two (2) Includes shipping and handling. Plus sales tax.




Made with a engineered composite yarn, featuring HMWPE --the same material used in body and vehicle armor by the armed forces and law enforcement. The material is combined with silicon fiber and synthetic fibers to enhance the cut resistance and comfort, and treated with AlphaSan antimicrobial to protect the glove from the growth of bacteria and fungus. The glove is latex free. The glove is fully launder-able and may be bleached or soaked in any sanitizing solution. WARNING! The Cosmo glove is NOT 100% cut or puncture proof and is designed to protect the outer layer of skin under normal use of sheers or scissors where slashing or a slice cut may occur. Not to purposely and intently cut by stretching and cross deep crevice cutting of shears. Do not purposely force the cut and ruin your glove. The finger guard generally fits tight to the hand and fingers so you can use your salon hair dryer on it between clients if it is wet and do not want to be bothered with removing each time. It is designed to dry fast



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