• Finger Safety For The Beauty Industry

    • 7 hours ago
    • By John McKee

    I received a call from a friend that is a Master Stylist for a large corporation telling me she is at the emergency room. She told me that she sliced her finger with her salon shears so bad that she was asked to go to the hospital. When she arrived they had to use surgical glue to fix the wound.

    Accidents happen and injuries are no fun and some are more severe than others. Depending on the severity the effect of an injury can be costly. You lose client time and have to reschedule the entire day if it is severe. There is the cost of the emergency room visit and the workers compensation claim. The whole incident could be near $3,000 Vs $29.95.

    This is why we started working on a solution. We created a simple two finger half palm cut resistant glove the covers the vital areas of the hand. The Cosmo Finger Guard has helped thousands of stylists all over the world and growing.

    It takes getting used to, because there has been no training by leaders on using anything like this in the past. We need to focus on educating beauty schools through demonstrations and trade shows. The Cosmo Glove should be a standard item in beauty kits so that new students are learning from the beginning of their career.

    Change is difficult and we realize veterans of the trade may take even longer to get used to wearing it. Client feedback indicates that it takes about a week of regular use to get back to the normal turnaround time of a regular style and cut. Veterans are mentors and should be willing to make the suggestion that there is an option. And no one should be made fun of or feel guilty for being safe.

    We have the largest social follower base of injured stylists since we are the only solution today. We pay attention to the matter and are in this for the long haul. We are showing the beauty industry there is a need. There is no doubt. We do not like showing the pictures of bloody injuries but from time to time we feel we should. So we can expose the issue.

    We are now seeing a shift in acceptance and more interaction from key influencers. And In due time we are confident additional industry leaders will join us. Help us take active measures in making Cosmo Finger Guard a standard available option during training in school or at the salon.

    For the early adopters, Cosmo Finger Guard has partnered with Heil and Heil Insurance Agency in Chicago, IL to offer insurance rate discounts to the owners and stylists who use of the Glove in their establishments. This is a huge incentive and a win, win for everyone.

    We know that change is difficult but we are necessary. We need to protect the number one asset of  the young generation; their hands.

    The Cosmo Finger Guard Team